The Canon 35L camera lens is a popular prime lens intended for professionals and advanced amateurs. This lens is a favorite of photojournalists, thanks to its superb performance in low light. It also produces crisp, vibrant results when used for landscape photography.

The Canon 35L has a 35 millimeter focal length; its maximum aperture is f/1.4L. The lens has a 3.1 diameter and measures 3.4 inches long; it has a 72 millimeter filter measurement, 63 degree angle of view and focuses properly in distances as short as one foot. The lens weighs 20.5 ounces. Used in conjunction with a Canon camera and either a 1.3x or 1.6x filter, the 35L capably mimics the general-use output of a 50 millimeter lens, eliminating the need to carry a separate 50 millimeter lens. Consequently, this lens is frequently used by reporters, photojournalists wedding photographers and others who must carry a lot of equipment during mobile photo shoots. The 35L's performance in poorly lit conditions has proven especially attractive to wedding photographers who are not permitted to use a flash during the ceremony. The lens is also extremely quiet, thanks to the ultrasonic motor (USM) technology used for autofocus photography.

Reviewers praise the 35L's versatility, clarity and functionality in dark environments. The 35L excels in low light and functions reliably when handheld in such conditions. Reviewers are also quick to point out that the lens works equally well with film and digital cameras.. Portrait photographers affirm that this lens works tremendously for full-body portraits, but caution that headshots and other close-focus photos taken with the 35L may provide uneven levels of focus within each picture. The center of the photograph will appear sharply focused, but the focus decreases dramatically towards the edge of the frame. Other reviewers comment that this lens generally produces a lower level of center focus than less expensive lenses; however, they praise the precise edge and corner details created by the 35L Several reviewers also caution that the 35L is not ideal for large group photographs such as family portraits. In such scenarios, reviewers report difficulty keeping all of the subjects correctly focused, especially when shooting at maximum shutter speed.